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Smartphone mount

Published on October 14th 2021.

Modular smartphone mount on stand or clamp

To improve stability when taking pictures or shooting video, it might be a good idea to mount your smartphone on a swivel mount. This eliminates minor disturbances while still allowing enough freedom the frame your image. Swivel mounts are readily available in a specialized store but you can make these yourself as well. The design that was used here consists of modular components that are attached to eachother using small bolts. The cost of this roughly equals the store price, but the advantage of this self-printed version is that you can tailor the parts to your own needs!

Link to the 3D-files: Modular Mounting System by HeyVye


    Smartphone mount


    Improve stability when shooting picture/video


    6 hours




Jonas Segaert

Design & Printing

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