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Published on October 16th 2021.

Corner profile to mount a Niko internal video unit

The internal video units of Niko and many other manufacturers usually ship with a flat wall bracket. However, the costumer was looking for a solution to mount this unit in the corner between 2 walls and came to us for advice. We looked together for a solution with the right specifications and mounting options.

We opted for a sturdy corner profile in PLA with preprinted pilot holes for countersunk screws. The frontside contained threaded holes that fit M6-bolts and allow an easy fixing point for the mounting board on which the internal video unit was then fitted. The customer also loves woodworking and opted for a wooden mounting board. Combinations of different materials are definitely possible.

The setup was finished with triangular shapes covering up the top and bottom parts of the corner profile.


    Corner profile

  • DOEL

    Corner mounting of an internal video unit


    7 hours




Jonas Segaert

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